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About us

CareersInc Ltd is a matrix accredited organisation that provides high quality careers information, advice and guidance (IAG) to schools and other educational institutions from the North East to the East Midlands. Our current operating areas are: Middlesborough, Ripon, Wakefield, Barnsley, Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Worksop, Mansfield and Nottingham. We are always open to discussions about new areas where we can access qualified careers advisers to deliver the service to our high standards. Our work is usually delivered in schools, but we also work with employers to arrange work-related activities and other events.

We offer an outstandingly high level of careers IAG on a flexible and very accommodating basis, helping schools to meet their obligations under the  statutory guidance issued in January 2018.  In addition to supporting students directly we also work closely with institutions to support them to achieve a quality award in CEIAG and the Gatsby benchmarks. We are not bound by any constraints; our only target is to meet the particular IAG needs of schools, students, parents and businesses in our operating areas.

Feedback from partners and clients is extremely important to us and will be used to ensure that the standard of our service is maintained and developed.  We welcome feedback on our services via telephone, email or our complaints procedure.  Please contact us for further details.

All our careers advisers are highly qualified,  hold relevant DBS checks and are fully insured (including professional indemnity).



Why do schools need to buy in IAG?

In  September 2012, the Government  ceased to fund the Connexions Service (the previous provider of careers IAG to schools). New statutory guidance issued in January 2018 re-enforces this direction and  means that head teachers have to ensure that they provide their students will access to independent and impartial  IAG from qualified careers advisers.

Why does careers IAG matter?

Effective careers guidance inspires young people, raises their aspirations, helps them to explore appropriate choices, and engages them in proactively planning their own career. Realistically, this can only be achieved with the help of professional careers advisers. When students reach higher and achieve more, this reflects positively on the school and helps schools achieve their targets relating to high attainment and positive progression of all students.

Matrix Quality Approved


Contact Us

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